Awesome Personal Development Books

I’ve spent a lot of my time in personal development or self-introspection research. As a way to turn around negative energy situations in my life, I would use different tools to help me.  Certainly running around out in the woods is a big part, but when at home, at night, these books really have had an impact on me.

The Four Agreements

I was recommended this book by a therapist in 2005 and it really made an impact in my life.  Miguel Ruiz writes in a spiritual and powerful way that really resonated with me.  I won’t disclose his words but by following his simple agreements, I have been able to turn around any emotional turmoil and change myself for the better.  You really have to want to make a change in yourself or be open to change to gather the power he discusses.



Optimal Thinking

This book is the implementation guide to the Four Agreements.  Rosalene Glickman has very powerful insights and tools to help you define your life purpose and goals.  It’s hard work but Optimal Thinking is now a big part of my life.

The Secret



Rhonda Bryne wrote this book and I read it in early 2009.  When you really know what you want and learn to believe in yourself, you can attract all the wonderful things in life. After the other two books, The Secret will catapult you into your dreams.  Faith in the universe makes all the difference.