Flashing Mount Rainier

It’s the need to break up the weekly routine that finds me out in Washington State. No traveling by the usual means; I hitchhiked across the Trans-Canadian Highway from Ottawa to Vancouver. Three thousand miles is a long way to go, but my lust for adventure and mountaineering has finally brought me to Paradise.


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Alpine Journal Online

I started an outdoor adventure magazine when living in Keene Valley, NY in 1983.  After 8 issues, the effort to raise advertising to fund the magazine was becoming a full time job and I really needed money to pay back college loans.  My dream of an outdoor adventure web site still yearns for a sustainable business model.  I have some ideas ... but that's where they are ... ideas! Please visit Alpine Journal!

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Awesome Personal Development Books

As a way to turn around negative energy situations in my life, I've invested in personal development or self-introspection research.  Certainly running around the mountains helps, but when at home, these books really have had an impact on me. The Four Agreements I was recommended this book by a therapist in 2005 and it made an impact on my life.  Miguel Ruiz writes in a spiritual and powerful way that really resonates.  I won't disclose his words but by following his simple agreements, I am able to turn around emotional turmoil and…

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