Climb Like a Mzungu

As a young man, I gravitate to the risk and rewards of rock climbing, overcoming fear and death, only to learn my friends are more important than reaching the top.

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Lakadkh Gompas

The land here is very dry; the altitude over near meters. The hills of Kashmir attract all the snow and very little rain makes it to Ladakh. The sky is crystal blue, with rarely a sight of clouds. Over 2 weeks ago, a storm blew in and dumped enough snow to close up many passes. Mandi Road seems closed as well as many of the treks that are available.

A short jaunt up the ridge leads me to the mysterious third gompa above the town of Leh. Admidst the mud, stone, and rock, the wind tufts through the prayer flags. All the while I sit, soaking in the view of Leh, vaguely glowing in the distant sunset.


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Flashing Mount Rainier

It’s the need to break up the weekly routine that finds me out in Washington State. No traveling by the usual means; I hitchhiked across the Trans-Canadian Highway from Ottawa to Vancouver. Three thousand miles is a long way to go, but my lust for adventure and mountaineering has finally brought me to Paradise.


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Optimal Metrics Intro

For my career in helping customers optimize their web sites, I have written a number of articles on how organizations can use optimal metrics to focus their technology on the…

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