Life in a Nutshell

“Mzungu” is Swahili for “wandering aimlessly”, describing the seemingly pointless travels of early explorers and missionaries. Embracing the word, I’m not just another foreigner but an adventurer, wandering with a purpose.

The chapter titles in Climb Like a Mzungu categorize common themes that occur on a climb. This lifecycle metaphor advocates for living an adventurous life and striving to reach new heights to realize one’s full potential.


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First Draft Book Review

Please watch this seven minute video to get a glimpse of the first printed draft of Climb Like a Mzungu. The video discusses: What the book is about Answers what is a Mzungu? Shows you select pages from the upcoming book Explains the 5.10 club, my email newsletter for book updates

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Book Update – November 14

When I began writing ten years ago, I didn't realize the journey would be so hard. Making the book enjoyable, combined with the constant editing, has been daunting.  I was clueless about the marketing effort required to make a bestseller. Even if I went the traditional publishing route, I'd still have to manage all the promotion work.  But the goal is worth it, the plan is in motion. This week, I'm stoked that author copies are arriving from Amazon. It will be amazing to hold the draft in my hands, making it real after all these years. What's…

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