Climb Like a Mzungu

Live an Adventurous Life

As a young man, I gravitate to the risk and rewards of rock climbing, overcoming fear and death, only to learn my friends are more important than reaching the top.

“Mzungu!” bellow the children when they see me climb out of the safari truck. I smile, not offended. It’s their town and think I’m not from here.  Little do the kids know that I was born nearby in Uganda. But they are right, mzungu is Swahili for “those that go around and around.”

Climb Like a Mzungu is a book about personal transformation and self-discovery climbing mountains around the globe. The conflicts are straight-forward: my own fears and the mountain. My climbing journey includes the wrenching experience of losing friends and family. Starting out searching for glory, I realize friends are way more important than making it to the top.

Climb Like a Mzungu is almost ready for publication!