My work career helps customers optimize their web sites and I have written articles on how organizations can use optimal metrics to focus their technology on the key things that customers care about. Customer Experience management is the industry term and it’s about empowering the employees to better serve their customers.

Usability Metrics Redux

There are a number of more thoughts about Heatmaps and Clickmap technology.  I was reading Avinash's latest blog post and stumbled across the new Google Analytics "In Page Analytics".  Wow,…


Why Heatmaps?

More and more of my customers have the request for heatmaps and usability metrics. While my snide comments of "eye candy" were my own personal thoughts originally, I decided to…


Too Much AJAX

In my role as a customer experience consultant (with Tealeaf), I get to research many types of web sites built by a variety of organizations. Focusing on usability issues, I get to analyze web site implementations where the use of AJAX is a big factor today. Alas, too many sites have gone wild and crazy and deliver too much AJAX.

Back in the old Web 1.0 world of ten years ago, developers broke business processes into nice, consumable chunks called pages. It was easy to break down a business form into nice logical pieces that were easy to implement and easy for customers to understand. For example:

  • A loan application. You filled out your personal information on one page, next your financial, next your employment, and finally a confirmation page.
  • Buying a product. A search page, product description, shopping cart, and purchase pages.
  • Booking a hotel. Enter your travel dates, desired location, search, select, and purchase.



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