My work career helps customers optimize their web sites and I have written articles on how organizations can use optimal metrics to focus their technology on the key things that customers care about. Customer Experience management is the industry term and it’s about empowering the employees to better serve their customers.

Performance Dashboards

Back the early Internet age, I was a consultant helping build marketing data warehouses. There were a number of great spokes-persons of our niche industry, notably Ralph Kimball and Bill…


Benchmarking Matters

Benchmarking has been in business for dozens of years. It is known well in the retail industry, where phantom shoppers visit the competition and try to get intelligence on their…


What’s a Business Process?

From my background in rock climbing, the hardest part of the climb is called the ‘crux’. It’s the pivotal point in the whole application performance business. Why you ask? Because business people think this way, and so do the web site customers. People don’t think servers and disk drives. When discussing Business Processes, IT can get the business engaged. Now you provide a Business Process, SLM-driven metric dashboard, and you’ve got everyone up the mountain, past the hard parts and on the path to optimal metrics and business nirvana!

The following graphic shows this exactly:



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