Tealeaf  is a small company based out of San Francisco and I had heard about them a number of times over my career.  In the meantime, we were bought by IBM but have still kept the core of the small company together. What attracted me was a mission to provide technology that would really help business people. I really liked focusing on the value of helping an organization better understand their customer’s digital experience.

Reading the Tea Leaves

By capturing every single page, click, and form field entry, the software allows one to gain insight into unknown obstacles and behaviors.  Tealeaf was designed to read the tea leaves of the customer experience, gaining insight and enabling an organization to optimize the digital channel but also take action.  Our insurance customers can shadow browse along with a customer on the phone, chatting with them and helping them wend their way through a complex loan application. Our banking customers can rapidly discover what the problem with the form was because they could replay the exact path the customer took. The Voice of the Customer team at a leading airline could see that the customer transposed the number 1 for the letter L and that was why he couldn’t log in.

Tealeaf provides a way to optimize the customer experience and that’s why I wanted to work for them.